ISIL facing rebels in Fallujah

NBC News:
Fighting erupted in the ISIS-stronghold of Fallujah on Friday after the extremist militants attacked a local woman for not covering her hands, according to Iraqi officials.

"The clashes started when tens of Fallujah men stood against ISIS militants who started to beat a woman in a Fallujah market because she was not wearing gloves," said Sabah Karhoot, the chairman of the governing council of Anbar province where the city is located. "Therefore, the men could not stand and do nothing."

ISIS, which has conquered much of Anbar, imposes an extremely strict dress code on populations it controls, with women having to cover almost every part of their bodies — including their hands — when in public.

"In the beginning, they fought ISIS militants with their hands and knives," Karhoot added. "After a while the situation evolved into armed clashes."
Those fighting ISIL took control of parts of the city as the ISIL fighters retreated to the center of the city.  It is about tie someone stood up to the requirement that women wear funny clothes.  It is one of the more ridiculous aspects of radical Islam that they are trying to spread to Europe.


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