Could this be why Trump has not released his tax returns?

In Panama, his condominium owners are trying to fire him. In Canada and Turkey, his business partners want to cut him loose. In Scotland and Ireland he claims to be making millions but so far is losing money.

Donald Trump says his organization is in talks on more than 100 deals, 85 percent of them outside the U.S., and that if elected president he will bring to international relations the savvy he has demonstrated as a global deal maker.

But an examination of his operations abroad reveals that, while he has made many millions selling his name, he has chosen a number of inexperienced -- even questionable -- partners, sometimes infuriated buyers and associates and moved late into saturated markets, producing less income than advertised.

A number of naming-rights deals over the past decade have involved investors paying him multimillion-dollar sums, sometimes with a percentage of condo sales or a management fee to run hotel operations. In some places, such as the Philippines, there are strong early sales with projects due to be completed in the next few years. But others have gone far less well, descending into legal conflicts amid claims of broken promises and empty apartments.

Trump, the clear frontrunner for the Republican nomination, disputes the claims and dismisses them as outliers. "I’ve done very well internationally," he said last week in a telephone interview from South Carolina, where he won the primary. "I don’t think there is a hotter brand in the world than the Trump brand."
There is much more with a list of countries and projects where issues have been raised about the value of his brand.   When you put this with the recent stories about a fraud case against those responsible for Trump University it raises serious questions about the value placed on his projects.  I am sure the Democrats will raise these issues even if his GOP opponents do not.


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