Democrat policies killing entry level jobs

NY Post:

Obama exposes the poison behind the ‘fight for $15’

President Obama last week recalled the lessons he learned working in an ice-cream shop as a young man, and called on other employers to “create summer job opportunities for young people who need them, and extend those opportunities throughout the year.”

It’s a worthwhile goal — with one problem: Who’s going to pay a $15 starting wage to hire these kids for that entry-level job? That’s a question both President Obama and Gov. Cuomo must answer as they champion labor unions’ extreme wage demands.

The president laments that “landing that first job is all too difficult for students,” and he’s right — especially in New York. The state’s unemployment rate in 2015 was identical to the federal rate of 5.3 percent.

But New York’s youth unemployment rate was more than four percentage points higher than the federal average. Statewide, more than 20 percent of the young adults who want to work can’t get hired; in New York City, that number rises to one in three.
The youth unemployment rate is already disproportionately high and it is even worse for minority young people.  It is as the Democrat party has decided to sacrifice minority entry level jobs in favor of a sop to big labor which uses the minimum wage to increase the wages of other workers.  In cities that have already increased the minimum wage to $15 an hour the unemployment rate is on an upward trend.


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