EU human rights wackos making Britain less safe

NY Times:

Divided Britain to Decide on Whether to Leave the E.U.

Britons will vote on June 23 on whether to stay in the European Union or to quit, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Saturday, a decision that could have momentous consequences for Britain and Europe.
It is not clear that Britain has benefited much from being in the EU and in the case of terrorists, it has suffered greatly from that association.  The EU's "human rights" courts have forced Britain to keep and maintain terrorist in their country rather than deport them.   Not only are they not allowed to deport them to their home countries, but they are forced to put them up in expensive housing that the average person cannot afford in Britain.  The government then must expend resources on watching them in order to prevent further terrorist contacts.

If they work a deal to stay in, they need to opt out of the human rights wackos jurisdiction.  If they cannot, then they should get out.


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