US made TOW missile takes out Russian tank in Syria

Daily Mail:

America and Russia's war by proxy in Syria laid bare: The moment a $60k US-made missile hits a $4.5m Russian T-90 battle tank

Syrian rebels fire a $60,000 American-made missile at a $4.5million Russian tank Syria rebels, fighting near the besieged city of Aleppo, Syria, have filmed themselves firing a wire-guided TOW missile (top left) at a Russian T-90 battle tank (top right, missile and tank circled). While the tank survives the blast (bottom left) after the missile slams into its main turret, crew can be seen scrambling from a hatch in the top (bottom right) moments later. The CIA has been supplying TOW missiles to vetted rebel groups, while Russia has deployed its own T-90 brigades in Syria, as well as giving the tanks to Assad's forces.
The missle cost around $60 thousand and the tank costs about $4.5 million.  The TOW missile has been in the US arsenal for about 30 years.  It was specifically designed to take out Russian tanks in Europe.


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