Charges against Perry tossed out by high court

San Antonio Express-News:

Texas’ highest criminal court on Wednesday tossed out the remaining charge against former Gov. Rick Perry in the abuse-of-power case against him.

The court also affirmed a previous ruling for Perry that dismissed a second felony charge of coercion of a public official.

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Perry lawyer Tony Buzbee said he was pleased with the ruling, which he said was "a long time coming."

"This case should have never been brought, and I’m glad the court put its foot down and ended it. It is troubling when a nonelected 'special prosecutor' can obtain an indictment and then pursue it in front of the very judge that appointed him. I said all along this case was foolishness and would be dismissed," he said by email.
It was a bad case to begin with and another attempt by liberals in Austin to try to criminalize their political differences with the governor.  


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