Cruz raises question about whether Trump has ties to organized crime

Houston Chronicle:
Republican presidential contender and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz suggested on Sunday morning that his leading rival Donald Trump was hiding records of involvement with the mafia.

Cruz's comments came as he pushes the billionaire mogul to release his tax returns, which Trump has declined to do, saying he's been under federal audit for almost a decade.

"There have been multiple media reports about Donald's business dealings with the mob, with the mafia," Cruz said Sunday on ABC's This Week. "Maybe his tax returns show that those business dealings are a lot more extensive than reported. We don't know."

When ABC host George Stephanopoulos alleged that Cruz's charges were speculative, Cruz pointed out an ABC News report on Trump's business relationship with Felix Sater, who in 2010 was "convicted in a major Mafia-linked stock fraud scheme," according to the Associated press.

Sater is an owner of S&A Concrete, which helped build Trump Tower in New York City.
I like the way Cruz anticipated media questions and can show their own reporting confirms his allegations.   Trump has said in the past that he did not remember the guy and knew nothing of his organized crime ties.  But it raises questions about his campaign promise to get the best people to advise him on issues.  It would be hard to say this guy was the best, nor could you say that the people he had hired to manage "Trump University" were the best and the brightest.

This revelation might affect the votes of the late breaking, undecided voters.  Those committed to Trump seem impervious to revelations about his  background.


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