Bad faith suspected by DOJ in non citizen voting case

Hans Von Spakovsky:
Tuesday night, soon after Judge Richard Leon denied the request by the League of Women Voters and the NAACP for a Temporary Restraining Order, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) asked for help in getting a lawyer who would actually defend it in court, which the Justice Department has so far refused to do. 
According to lawyers I spoke with, Christy A. McCormick, the chairwoman of the EAC, sent two separate letters (with copies to all of the lawyers in the case) to Judge Leon and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The letter to Judge Leon notes the EAC’s “grave concerns regarding the potential conflict of interest and failure of the Department of Justice to provide” the EAC with proper representation. 
Based on the pleading DOJ filed on Monday morning in which they took the side of the plaintiffs, as well as “the performance of the DOJ attorney” at the Monday hearing, the EAC does “not believe that the agency will receive the full and zealous representation it deserves.” Commissioner McCormick then ask Judge Leon to permit the EAC to seek “outside counsel to represent [the] EAC in this matter and to require the DOJ to fund that professional service.”
The DOJ appears to be supporting vote fraud by non citizens.  The judge is rightly suspicious of their position.


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