Explaining the opposition to amnesty

Rush Limbaugh:
... the whole purpose of amnesty is it's a Democrat voter-registration program. The Democrat Party needs its permanent underclass. In the pre-Obama economy, people in the lower-middle class and the middle class had opportunity to lift themselves, to change their economic circumstances, to go from lower economic middle class to middle class to upper-middle class and beyond. With the advent of the Obama economy, that movement has becoming stagnant. Nobody's moving upward at all.

Everybody's stagnating or declining because of the Obama economy. But prior to the Obama economy, the Democrats needed to replace people who started improving their lives. Because as people improved their lives, they became less dependent on Washington, less dependent on the Democrats. Ergo, you need a constant influx of low-wage, low-skill, low-educated people who have no choice but than to depend on government to live, the permanent underclass. The Democrat Party cannot thrive or survive without it.
While I agree with what he says, I would add that the Democrats also need to replace the 40 million or so Democrat babies who were aborted since Roe v. Wade.  James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal calls this the Roe effect.   They are replacing those aborted babies with under educated people who do not have much of a grasp on the language and the American culture.  That is why they will join the Democrat dependency class.  The argument of proponents of amnesty that Republicans have to sign onto the deal to have any hope of getting Hispanic votes looks illusory at best.


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