Palestinians keeping find ways to exploit their religious and ethnic bigotry

Washington Post:
Martyrs? Desperate? Crazy? Palestinians struggle to define Palestinians who attack Israelis

Even Palestinians are have difficulty explaining the current violence against Israeli forces and civilians.
Murderers would be a good start in describing the stabbing intifada.  The so-called government of the Palestinians has encouraged these attacks as have the crazy family members.  It becomes another reason why it makes no sense to give such people a state from which to launch such attacks.

The current administration has also done little to stop the killing spree.  It should cut off aid to the PA as long as it is tolerating these attack.  I have seen little pressure from the Obama administration on getting the beggar entity to reach an accommodation with Israel.  Instead, the Kerry-Obama approach seems to support their ridiculous preconditions to talks.  As long as the US and the UN are subsidizing terror, these people are not likely to come to their senses.


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