Trump is the weakest GOP candidate and that is why the media likes him so much

Washington Examiner Editorial:
Trump is the weakest Republican candidate for the general election, the only one of the three serious contenders who has trailed her (Hillary Clinton) consistently in the polls since this election cycle began.

Clinton is a deeply flawed candidate. She has trailed Marco Rubio (and John Kasich) in polling averages by significant margins since the beginning of this year. She has not led Ted Cruz since New Year's Day. Trump is the only Republican who loses to her. He is the only one perceived by the general electorate as being as dishonest as she is, and the only one with negative ratings that approach hers.

But let's go along for a while with the hypothesis that Trump can win the presidency. Then what? Would he be different from others who have broken their promises? No, again. We already know that because Trump hasn't promised anything that he could actually do.

He usually avoids specifics, but the few things he has discussed in any detail fall apart upon inspection. He promised to save $300 billion a year by negotiating the price of drugs — more than all the money our country spends on drugs every year. He promised to fix Social Security's finances by removing dead people from the rolls, as though there were millions of them rather than a few thousand. He has promised to establish a mandatory death penalty for cop-killers, which is not within a president's constitutional powers. Then there's his 40-foot wall at the Mexican border, which he says will be financed by punitive tariffs on Mexican imports. This would be illegal under international treaty that he would not be able to change.
He is a dream candidate for liberals to bash and they are only holding back now to avoid helping better candidates like Cruz and Rubio.   Then they will unload on his ties to questionable associates and questionable deals.


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