The Twitter fail

Monica Showalter: 

Own goal: Trump's stature rises since Twitter shut down his account

It calls to mind that much of what had been written about Trump during the 2020 campaign was that voters liked his program but couldn't stand his tweets. Half his presidency was spent in handwringing about his tweets, and let's face it: Trump's tweets oftentimes did get pretty uncontrolled. While many appreciated this, because it was raw and real and unclouded by creepy public relations spin, others hated those tweets a lot and sometimes would withhold their vote. Wild and crazy tweetstorms were sort of an Achilles heel of Trump's, given that they were the reasons at least some voters refused to vote for him. This was especially true among suburban women, who found him just too crude and impolite.

Trump's approval with suburban women is up 15 percent. 


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