Biden's abnormality

 Don Surber:

The media is peddling the narrative that Chairman Xiden is bringing back normalcy.

Well, let us see what the media and the rest of the Democrats consider normal.

The new normalcy is impeaching a president and trying him after his term ends and he has gone home to Mar-A-Lago.

The new normalcy is 25,000 National Guard troops in Washington on Inauguration Day.

The new normalcy is replacing a viewing audience for the occasion with 100,000 American flags.

The new normalcy is cries of deprogramming political opponents.

The new normalcy is banning reporters who ask tough questions at press conferences.

The new normalcy is not deporting criminals.

Ben Shapiro wrote, "The dirty little secret of the Trump administration is that despite Trump's personal abnormality, his agenda was well in line with past precedent, and with mainstream American opinions on everything from taxes to military policy. Trump did not radically shift American policy. Biden will. Within the first five days of his presidency, he issued 30 executive orders, compared with four for Trump, five for Barack Obama and zero for George W. Bush. Those executive orders included endorsement of radical reinterpretation of American history; killing the Keystone XL pipeline, along with its attendant estimated 11,000 American jobs; forcing the military to allow troops to undergo gender reassignment surgery; and forcing federally funded institutions to allow biological men who identify as transgender to compete alongside biological women, among others. He is reportedly pursuing an immigration plan directed toward reopening America's borders. He has staffed his Cabinet by intersectional box-checking.

"Biden's policy is indeed radical. But because Biden is presented as a normal person, we're supposed to ignore all of that. We're supposed to simply be grateful for the return to normalcy -- complete with caving to the teachers unions that seek to keep schools closed indeterminately, reentering a long-dead deal with the Iranian theocracy, firing government staffers with whom he disagrees and lying openly about the vaccine distribution plan he inherited."

I think Biden is pretty weird.  While Trump's style was sometimes unconventional, his policies, on the whole, were excellent.  He created jobs, increased prosperity and created peace in the Middle East, and improved the lot of Asian Countries other than China.  I do not think there is anything normal about Biden's using executive orders to impose the evils of liberalism.


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