The Nazi extermination of Jews

 The Lid:

On Holocaust Remembrance Day: Silence About Antisemitism Allowing People To Forget 
Silence Will Allow Never Again To Happen Again

I first learned about it by reading William Styron's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.  It is a huge book that explains how Hitler came to power and what he did with it after gaining it.  I also read about the discovery of the camps by allies as US troops moved through Germany.  I recall in a biography about Gen. Eisenhower when his commanders found concentration camps he went to see it in person and then demanded that German citizens in the area come to see those camps so that they could not deny what happened.  It was one of the most appalling events in recorded history.

Anti-semitism has found a home on the left in this country.  It is another example of the evils of liberalism.


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