Biden's virus response looks like Trumps

 Epoch Times:

President Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to turn the tide of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic, telling Americans that he had a superior plan to the one that was being executed by the administration of President Donald Trump.

Biden unveiled his strategy in the first days of his administration amid a flurry of executive orders.

While some of Biden’s ideas are truly novel, including his vision for a centralized national contact-tracing workforce through the establishment of the U.S. Public Health Job Corps, the plan largely mirrors what had been set in motion by Trump, plus the addition of several layers of bureaucracy and the infusion of the quasi-Marxist “equity” agenda into every aspect of the pandemic response.

While Trump streamlined the coordination of the response through the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Biden’s executive orders erect a federal bureaucracy tasked with accomplishing the same work. There is now a National Security Council principals committee, the NSC Directorate of Global Health Security and Biodefense, the Global Health Interagency Review Council, the Pandemic Testing Board among others, all tasked with handling overlapping aspects of the pandemic response.

Despite the sheer volume of activity, a review of Biden’s pandemic executive actions shows that the majority of the activity the president has ordered was already being performed by the government during the Trump administration. Some orders duplicate existing efforts or task officials working on the response with the “equity” task of unearthing and rectifying racism and sexism at every turn.

It looks like Biden's campaign promises about handling the Covid virus were mostly malarky. 


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