Cuomo's cynical coverup of nursing home deaths from Covid

 Red States:


10 months later, the chickens are coming home to roost for Cuomo thanks to NY’s Democratic Attorney General Letitia James, which my colleague Nick Arama detailed yesterday. ICYMI, James announced that the number of nursing home deaths could be as much as 50% higher than had been previously reported. Instead of 8,711 deaths, the number could actually be 13,000 or higher. The undercounting, James said in so many words, was due in part to the way the state changed the way deaths were calculated.

Cuomo was asked about the report during today’s press briefing, and his response was predictably defensive and included a lot of typical blame-shifting:

But it was this flippant response from Cuomo that gave up the game:

“Who cares how they died?” Seriously? Such a despicable answer begs another question: If we’re not supposed to care how people died of COVID, then why did New York state change the way the numbers were calculated so as to make it appear that not as many died in nursing homes as actually did?

The so-called “caring governor”, as it turns out, does not care at all. Truly, the cruelty of Andrew Cuomo has been revealed once and for all.


Actually, he probably did care that they died because of his irresponsible policies and that is the reason why he tried to hide it.  He knew it was a political problem for him and a tragedy for the families involved and that is why he tried to cover it up.

The media has been complicit in the cover-up.


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