Biden sides with lazy teachers unions who do not want to go back to work

 Washington Examiner:

Before his administration even began, President Biden was boasting that he could reopen a majority of schools within the first 100 days of his tenure. But less than a week into the job, Biden has decided to side with teachers unions that are refusing to return to work. This poses a grave danger to children.

Chicago teachers have defied an order to return to in-person teaching. When asked whether they should report to work, Biden firmly stood up for unions, rattling off their demands for more money to fund various safety precautions.

“It’s not so much about the idea that teachers aren’t going to work,” Biden insisted. “The teachers I know, they want to work. They just want to work in a safe environment.”

Appearing on CNN, White House chief of staff Ron Klain also read from the union playbook when asked why public schools were not reopening. "I'll give you a word: money," he claimed, arguing that schools would not be able to reopen unless Congress approved more funds.

But he went beyond merely talking about the usual demands such as more sanitation and ventilation to talk about class size — "Students in very small pods, classes of about 11 or 12, distanced, in a rural area — they can go to school safely, and governors who made those investments ... in other states, we haven't seen those kinds of investments."

Of course, creating such class sizes in large cities where schools are overcrowded and extra space is scarce is not feasible and certainly not a condition that can be met soon.

For months, we have been urging policymakers to trust the science and reopen schools. Not only does COVID-19 pose virtually no threat to those aged 18 and under, but study after study has shown that schools are not a big source of transmission. While some students and teachers have fallen sick, they have done so at rates equal to or lower than the broader community, and the evidence suggests that they became infected elsewhere.


There is much more. 

Schools are open in several parts of the country disproving the claims of the teachers' unions who do not want to go back to the classrooms.  Biden lacks the intellect to challenge them on their laziness and their bogus claims of concern for safety.  People all across American have gone back to work and schools are the least likely workspace to spread the virus.  School districts should stop paying teachers who refuse to come back to work in the classroom.

Parents are getting fed up with this unscientific approach to education.  Republicans are also now pushing back against the teachers' union scam.


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