US planes closing in on the remnants of ISIS

NY Times:

The Hunt for ISIS Pivots to Remaining Pockets in Syria

The last phase of the American campaign against the caliphate is relying heavily on warplanes that are focused on an area half the size of Manhattan.
That means when the planes are in the area they are only minutes away from what is left of the "caliphate." 

It cannot be said often enough that this is happening because Trump has been much smarter in dealing with this evil group than Obama.  He was smart enough to unleash the military and its commanders and let them do their job rather than the micromanagement approach of Obama and his cast of amateurs in his national security apparatus in the White House.

Obama made one of the same mistakes Lyndon Johnson made in thinking that he was smarter than the generals.  Obama has often bragged that he is smarter than anyone working for him and he could not have been more wrong when it came to destroying the enemy.


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