Preconditions for a deal on DACA

Steve Levy:
Here’s what Republicans must get:

1) End of sanctuary cities.

Receive a legislative concession from Democrats that any city defying the federal government on this issue will lose its federal funding.

2) Kate's Law

Pass this law that imposes mandatory five-year sentences for deported criminal illegal aliens who try to make it back into the states.

3) The Wall and border security.

Fences work or we wouldn't put them up. Ask the Israelis, who saw terrorist attacks drop precipitously after its wall was built. The one-time spending on the Wall will pay for itself very quickly due to the elimination of the billions that would otherwise be spent annually on still more illegal new arrivals.

4) E-Verify.

A wall wouldn’t even be necessary if E-verify was enforced both prospectively and retroactively. If you don’t have either a valid Social Security or Alien ID number (or other legal dispensation), you shouldn’t be able to hold a job in America. Congress must require every employer to utilize the E-Verify database and if they fail to do so, punish them with hefty fines that provide the necessary deterrent.

This presently available option is the remedy to the illegal immigration problem. And the frustrating thing is, it’s been available for quite some time. There simply has been a lack of will from both parties to actually enforce it.
I agree with these preconditions.  If Democrats want DACA then they have to be flexible on immigration enforcement.  Immigration is an issue that Republicans can win on if they stick to these conditions.


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