Trump shows more compassion for Iranian people than Obama

Roger Simon:
The students and others marching in the streets to overthrow these tyrants desperately wanted America's help, specifically the support of our "oh-so-liberal-progressive" president. they shouted, "Obama, Obama, are you with us or are you with them?"

Obama was silent.

I can't think of a moment I was more disgusted by the acts (inaction actually) of an American president. What did he stand for? What did we stand for?

Well, who knows? What we do know is he wanted to deal with Iran his way — whether to get the glory for himself or for other even less attractive reasons we will never know. He was secretly communicating with Ahmadinejad and Khamenei even before he took office, hinting at accommodation.

He wanted an Iran deal and he got it, the Iranian people and the U.S. Constitution be damned. (I have met several of the student demonstrators from that period who spent years being tortured in Tehran's Evin Prison. Their faces resembled Picassos of the Cubist Period. They were the lucky ones. Their brothers and sisters just disappeared.)

Obama was silent for those students and millions of other decent Iranians. He wanted his deal so much that, as we know, he sent still more millions to the mullahs in cash, so they could use those dollars in any untraceable manner they wished — such as funding Hezbollah and the Houthis.

And speaking of Hezbollah, we all know now, due to reporting about Project Cassandra by Josh Meyer at Politico, that Obama was so determined to make his creepy deal that he acceded to the mullahs' demand to pull the FBI off a detailed investigation of the Hezbollah thugs' extensive involvement in the U.S. drug trade. Are we sick yet?

Now, it is being widely reported, the demonstrators are back in the streets of various cities in Iran. We don't know the extent of the protests or where they are going. I'm a bit skeptical. The time was probably more ripe in 2009, but we can be hopeful. What we do know is that these demonstrators are complaining that money garnered from the Iran nuclear deal is not going to them, the Iranian people, to make their lives better, as promised, but to carry out the mullahs' murderous military adventures across the Middle East. Was anything ever more predictable?...

What we also know is that the Donald J. Trump administration has taken the exact opposite approach from the Obama administration to events in Iran. They are unqualifiedly — and immediately — supporting the demonstrators and democracy. Bravo!
The Iranian people are in the grips of a genocidal Islamist regime that views every dollar as theirs to be used in pursuit of hegemony in the region and eventually the world.  Trump recognizes this and Obama ignored it.

Why Obama thought a deal would change the character of this regime is probably buried in the faculty lounge belief that all their grievances of the regime were the fault of the US and not of their own making.   That seems to be the leftist belief about all problems around the world.

Will the Obama echo chamber continue to fail the Iranian people again?  Will Ben Rhodes who helped push the lies about the Iran deal still defend it?  The good news is that Trump is showing more compassion for the Iranian people than Obama ever did.

What seems clear is that Iran has squandered the bribe money Obama gave them for a deal.


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