The inclusivity fetish of the left wants to make military mediocre?

The Sun:
BARMY ARMY British Army drew up £500K proposal to scrap ‘Be the Best’ motto because it was ‘non-inclusive’

The Be the Best slogan has been used since 1993, but market research has since found the message did not 'resonate' with the public
I guess it depends on whether you want to have elite troops protecting you or a mediocre gathering of whoever shows up.  Personally, I was proud to be a part of the US Marine Corps that was selective in who it would take and who it would keep among those who got in.  If you are recruiting people who do not want to be part of the best, you are likely to have a problem when things get stressful.  When the going gets tough the mediocre are likely to bug out.

The message is supposed to resonate with those who want to be part of the best.  If the country lacks people who fit that demographic it has bigger problems than just a motto.


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