300 ISIS fighters from Britain believed hiding in Turkey

Hundreds of British fighters who joined Isis are believed to be hiding in Turkey, prompting fears from western intelligence agencies of an increased risk of terror attacks in Europe, The Times has learnt.

When the Isis-held cities of Raqqa and Mosul were retaken this year, thousands of jihadists fled to Turkey, among them at least 300 Britons.

Ciwan Xhalil, a Syrian-Kurdish intelligence officer responsible for dealing with western intelligence agencies over the fate of foreign fighters, said he thought that most Britons had fled Syria.

“The exodus began after Mosul [in Iraq] fell and continued after [Isis] lost Raqqa. We have lots of French in our jails and scores of other nationals but we think most of the British have escaped,” he added.

About 850 Britons travelled to join Isis, of whom about half have returned. About 130 are confirmed dead.

British security sources warned yesterday that there was a risk that the jihadists would try to slip home and that there was the potential for them to carry out attacks.
The Brits appear to have more confidence than I do in the Turks ability to contain these terrorist and keep them from coming home.  The story does not indicate what has happened to the half who have already returned.  It does indicate that if any of the 300 remaining in Turkey are caught the British will prosecute them.


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