Liberal media credibility crumbles with attacks on Trump

Washington Times:
Nearly half of all Americans believe the media fabricate negative stories about President Trump, according to a new survey.

Forty-four percent of respondents in the 2017 Poynter Media Trust Survey say the media invent “fake news” to make the president look bad.

Of that cohort, 24 percent say negative stories about Mr. Trump are made up “about half of the time”; 14 percent “most of the time”; and 6 percent “all of the time.” Seventy-seven percent are Trump supporters, and 74 percent are Republicans.

The survey found that a substantial minority of Americans, 31 percent, believe the media are the “enemy of the people,” a moniker Mr. Trump assigned to the national press in February. Among Trump supporters, that number is 63 percent.

Even more, 25 percent of Americans — and 42 percent of Trump supporters — say the government should “be able to stop a news media outlet from publishing a story that government officials say is biased or inaccurate.”

While Trump supporters have an overwhelmingly negative view of the media, Democratic confidence in the press has skyrocketed since Mr. Trump’s election.

Republican confidence in the media, meanwhile, has continued its decades-long decline and currently sits at 19 percent.

Overall, 49 percent of all Americans express “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of confidence in the press, compared to 50 percent who say they have “only some” or “hardly any” trust in the media.
When the media decided that Trump was so objectionable that they did not have to be fair to him, it led to a steep decline in their credibility, that continues with each story they run that turns out to be erroneous.   I think they have been greatly harmed by their passionate desire to believe in the Russian collusion theory despite a lack of evidence to support it.  That is why they tend to grasp at any chance to push it when they see a story that is "too good to check."


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