Bogus Iraqi 'human rights' claims leads to misconduct charges against Brit lawyer

A controversial investigation into alleged abuses by British troops in Iraq faces being wound up after the lawyer who brought the vast majority of the cases admitted 18 professional misconduct charges.

Phil Shiner was tonight called on to apologise to British troops whose lives have been ruined by years of criminal and legal inquiries stemming from his abuse claims.

The disgraced human rights lawyer conceded to a disciplinary tribunal that he “must be” struck off after he repeatedly admitted acting “recklessly and without integrity”, including by paying an Iraqi fixer tens of thousands of pounds to tout for business.

Politicians as well as a decorated soldier under investigation called for the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (Ihat) which has looked at more than 2,400 claims brought by Shiner, to be shut down.

The Telegraph has repeatedly highlighted the plight of British troops facing criminal and civil allegations of abuse in the aftermath of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Claims brought by Shiner are reckoned to have cost the British taxpayer more than £100m and have included some of the most horrific smears made against British troops from the Iraq campaign.

Allegations that British troops murdered, mutilated and tortured innocent farmers and students led to outcry and prompted the £31m Al Sweady public inquiry. The inquiry eventually dismissed the claims as baseless.
This is a disgrace and was largely cheered by the anti-war pukes who conducted what looks like a shakedown campaign against the British government and its troops.  It appears the anti-war left in Britain also used these cases to attack government policy.


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