Kerry to push his flawed vision of a Middle East Peace 'deal'

NY Times:

Kerry to Outline a Vision of Mideast Peace, in Final Plea

  • Secretary of State John Kerry will lay out the Obama administration’s vision of a final accord in a speech Wednesday.
  • It is the latest salvo between the United States and Israel amid bitterness over a United Nations resolution condemning settlement building.
Kerry will start off by ignoring the bad faith of the Palestinians in reaching an agreement and heap all the responsibility on the Israelis.  He will also have to ignore the fact that the Palestinians have nothing of value to offer Israel to make a deal.  They can't deliver peace because too many of them would prefer a genocide of Israelis and will not abide by any "agreement."  

He will also have to ignore how the Middle East has changed since the "two-state" proposal was pushed by the international community.  Much of the momentum for that in the West was to ensure the free flow of oil from the area.  Now OPEC is in a much weaker position and any supply issues would likely lead to bankruptcy for the oil countries.

Then there is the absurdity of the UN position that parts of Israel that are tied to that country through thousands of years of history are not considered a part of it now because the Muslim occupiers have never forgiven the Jews for rejecting the Muslims' alleged prophet.

We will get another example of the ignorance and arrogance of the Obama administration when it comes to foreign policy.


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