Obama failed to protect the US from cyber attacks

Washington Examiner:
President Obama is calling on President-elect Trump to prevent foreign cyber-meddling in future U.S. elections. But Obama himself already has had the power to preempt cyberattacks — a power he has used poorly and insufficiently, according to experts and Obama's opponents.

During his eight years in office, Obama was often reluctant to strongly respond to severe cybersecurity breaches by foreign governments and even worked to delay congressional action on the issue for years, according to cybersecurity experts and lawmakers who worked on the issue.

The president only once levied sanctions on a foreign country for hacking incidents: against North Korea after a devastating breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment in late 2014.

Signaling a stronger stance on cybersecurity five months later, Obama issued an executive order giving him the authority to issue sanctions against individuals and state actors engaging in "significant malicious cyber-enabled activities."

But the president has yet to use the new weapon in his cybersecurity arsenal against China, Iran or Russia or any others blamed for numerous cyberattacks against both public and private U.S. information systems.
The cyber attacks during Obama's time in office are too numerous to list, but the attack by the Chicoms stealing the OPM data was a serious threat to national security, that he never adequately addressed.  Iran was involved in attacks on US financial institutions and it is likely the Russians were also involved in such attacks.

The alleged attacks on the DNC and the head of the Clinton campaign were probably some of the least dangerous to US national security.  All those alleged attacks really did is provide truthful information about the management of the Democrats' campaign.  They may have found it embarrassing for voters to know how they rigged their primary process and helped Clinton know questions ahead of time, but that is on them.


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