With Russia building bigger nukes, Trump shows he is not Putin's puppet as Dems' claim

Washington Post:
Trump wants to ‘greatly’ expand nuclear capability, a radical break from U.S. foreign policy

It has been the longstanding policy of Republican and Democratic presidents since Ronald Reagan to seek to reduce the number and the role of nuclear weapons.
The long-standing policy was based on the assumption that the Russians would reciprocate but under Putin, they have done the opposite.  For the US to have a credible deterrent it must move away from Obama's unilateral disarmament policies.

The Post writers have been pushing a meme that Trump was "pals" with Putin.  That does not appear to be the case.

The Daily Mail story covers Putin's nuclear weapon arsenal:

Putin told military chiefs in Moscow: 'We are now stronger than any potential aggressor,' but added that the country had 'better not lose focus'.


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