Perry likely to be an excellent manager of Dept. of Energy

Politico has a long piece on the Perry nomination and raising questions about his fitness for office compared to recent PhD nuclear scientists.  What you should know about Perry is that he is an excellent manager with great people skills.

In explaining how Texas became to be a leader in attracting business locations to the state under Perry, he told about an initial failure in that regard.  I think it was when Boeing was looking for a new corporate headquarters.  They eventually settled on Chicago, of all places, and Perry's reaction was to call his staff together and tell them that the state really sucked at making the case for a move to Texas.  He went to work overhauling the approach and Texas became the leader in attracting corporate moves.

I think he will prioritize making energy industry more efficient by reducing the regulatory burden and finding ways to incentivise it.  I suspect he will help build infrastructure to increase LNG exports.  He will likely make it easier to get a new nuclear energy project off the ground.  He has a record of supporting wind energy as well as fossil fuel.

Those who oppose his nomination are likely to be very surprised at how good he is as a manager.


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