Muslim terrorist who drove truck into Germans killed by Italian police

Daily Mail:
Berlin truck terrorist Anis Amri has been shot dead after a gunfight with police in Milan in the early hours of this morning, Italian police have said.

The Tunisian pulled a gun from his backpack, screamed 'Allahu Akbar' and opened fire on two officers – hitting one in the shoulder – before being shot dead moments after getting off a train from France.

Amri had been on the run for four days after ploughing a lorry into crowds of revellers enjoying a Christmas market in Berlin on Monday night, killing 12 and maiming dozens of others. ISIS later claimed one of its 'soldiers' carried out the atrocity.

The 24-year-old had just stepped off a train from France when he was stopped by a routine police patrol in the suburb of Sesto San Giovanni in the northern Italian city of Milan at about 3am local time.

Two officers asked him for ID documents, at which point Amri 'immediately' pulled a gun from his backpack and shot one of the policemen in the shoulder.

A firefight ensued with Amri cowering behind a car as he tried to flee, but the suspect was shot and killed by the other officer – a trainee who had only been in the job a few months.

An Italian minister said today they had 'without a shadow of a doubt' killed the chief suspect in the Berlin massacre. Authorities believe he was trying to flee to southern Italy where he had entered Europe in 2011.

It comes hours after two men were arrested at a mosque in Berlin where Amri is believed to have been seen both before and after the atrocity.
There is more including several pictures.  The Italians seem to have a no-nonsense approach to dealing with Islamic terrorists.  The Germans need to investigate the terrorist haven at the mosque to determine if others are using it as a base of operations.


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