Putin tells Democrats to move on

Washington Post:
Putin to Democratic Party: You lost. Get over it.

“They need to learn to lose with dignity," the Russian president told journalists at his annual press conference. Putin also said it's "not important" who hacked the Democratic National Committee, but important that the "information that was revealed was true."
The Democrats have not really denied the truth of the Wikileaks revelations that showed them rigging their primary for Hillary Clinton's benefit.  They are mainly upset that voters found out what they did.  While some of this material was interesting, the media downplayed it and tried its best to ignore it for the most part.  The polling indicates that it was not as critical to her loss as her own record on mishandling classified information and her denigration of Trump supporters as "irredeemable deplorables."  The polls show those factors of her own making were what swayed undecided voters against her.

The Democrats attempts to blame Putin for revealing their rigged system, or Comey for revealing her mishandling of classified material, just shows they are more concerned about hiding the truth, than they are about being honest with the voters.


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