A flaw in the theory that the Russians were trying to help Trump


... one can believe that a) the Russians were involved and b) the attacks were aimed at meddling with our election and c) that the efforts were cleared by Putin and his mistress and still laugh at the idea that the hacks were designed to help Donald Trump.

The most important evidence is actually laying in plain sight. If one had to point to a single event that cut into Clinton’s already epic unpopularity it was her email scandal. In fact, her people, in addition to blaming the Russians, the phase of the the moon, partriarchy, and global warming for her defeat are also blaming FBI Direct James Comey’s letter to Congress shortly before the election. If one subscribes to the theory that the Russians were actively hacking stuff and trying to help Trump then one has to explain why her emails were never released.

Authorities are operating under the working assumption there is a high chance Hillary Clinton’s private server was breached, one source with intimate knowledge of the FBI investigation told Fox News – though there still are no digital fingerprints proving a breach.

The source said the server may have been hacked by up to five foreign intelligence agencies.

You might claim that the Russians are not among the “up to five” agencies that hacked her server but I think that makes you look somewhat less than serious.

The DNC hack got virtually zero traction in the media. Podesta’s got even less. The simple reason is that those emails were inside baseball. They were hugely amusing to people who follow politics closely but they were not even negative about Hillary Clinton and 99% didn’t even concern her.
There is more.

He also makes the point that the polling does not reflect that the Wikileaks releases moved the needle at all.  You should also consider that when the hack was done Trump was hovering around one percent in the polls.

While it is credible to believe that Putin did not have a high regard for Hillary Clinton and thought she had unfairly attempted to interfere with his own elections. it is not credible to believe that the leaks actually contributed to her loss.  In fact, the argument gives him more credit than he is due and thus lift's his status in the world.


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