The disgusting liberal double standard

Jonah Goldberg:
Many conservatives finished the year angry about the same thing they were angry about at the year’s start: liberal double standards.

As I write this, GOP House Whip Steve Scalise is in hot water over reports that he spoke to a group of racist poltroons in Louisiana 12 years ago. Whether it was an honest mistake, as Scalise plausibly claims, or a sign of something more nefarious, as his detractors hope, remains to be seen.

But one common response on social media is instructive. Countless conservatives want to know: Why the double standard?

Barack Obama was friends with a domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers. His spiritual mentor was a vitriolic racist, Jeremiah Wright.

One of his administration’s closest advisers and allies is Al Sharpton, a man who has inspired enough racial violence to make a grand dragon’s white sheets turn green with envy.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party venerated the late Sen. Robert Byrd, a former Klansmen himself. He was one of 19 senators (all Democrats) to sign the Southern Manifesto opposing integration.

One of his co-signers was William Fulbright, Bill Clinton’s mentor.

When Republicans are in power, “dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” When Democrats are in power, dissent is the racist fuming of “angry white men.”

Peaceful, law-abiding Tea Party groups who cleaned up after their protests (and got legal permits for them) were signs of nascent fascism lurking in the American soul.

Violent, anarchic and illegal protests by Occupy Wall Street or, more recently, in Ferguson, Mo., were proof that a new generation was renewing its commitment to idealism.
I think we can safely assume that it is unlikely that  Steve Scalise said anything racist in his speech before this group or we would have heard about by now.   So it is probably an attempt at guilt by association.  Until something more surfaces I am going to assume it is not worth getting excited about beyond the typical liberal media hypocrisy.


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