Will migration change Texas

Daily Beast:
One state that has always tried to dissolve this conflict is Texas, as illustrated by Richard Parker’s beautiful new book Lone Star Nation: How Texas Will Transform America. Texas has always had a sense of place—that is why we are told not to mess with it. Texas has also started to become an engine of economic growth. The limitations of Texas’s attempt to combine being somewhere and being successful are apparent in Parker’s gripping story, and suggest that there is still space for new places to attempt new ways to combine place and possibility.
Texas offers not just place to its actual or potential new residents, but professional possibilities. It has added more than two and a half many times as many jobs since 2008 as has New York City. The energy economy has always been a fixture of Texas life, and that has not changed. A majority of the world’s major oil services companies are based on Houston. It is not just energy fueling the Texas explosion. Houston has the largest medical center in the world, and the largest export port in the entire country.

The result is that people are flocking to Texas. Since 2000, Houston has increased its population by about 35 percent, between 5 and 9 times as much as the other major metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.
There is much more.

How did Houston grow so large?  It did "strip" annexation down major highways which gave it estra territorial control over development within several miles on either side of the strip.  If a developer wanted to build houses or manufacturing facilities the city got to approve of the development and had the right to annex the area which it usually did after the property values justified the move.  The other part was it developed an atmosphere that attracted jobs and people as did many other areas of Texas.

The growth around Austin has been equally dramatic.  The metropolitan area now stretches from Georgetown in the North to San Antonio in the south overwhelming what were many small towns.


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