19 % of US population gain since 2010 was in Texas

Michael Barone:
The nation’s population rose 0.75 percent in 2013-14, a slightly lower percentage than in any year since the 2010 Census. The largest percentage populations gains were in North Dakota (2.16 percent), with its booming Bakken shale, and Nevada (1.71 percent), now resuming rapid growth after a sharp decline in 2006-08. Number three was Texas (1.70 percent) — fabulous growth since it started with a base of more than 26 million. Some 19 percent of the nation’s population gain came in Texas alone. Other states with well-above-average percentage increases: Colorado (1.59 percent), District of Columbia (1.51 percent), Florida (1.49 percent), Arizona (1.45 percent), Utah (1.38 percent), Idaho (1.34 percent).
Texas growth is obvious as you go across the state.  Even many small towns are seeing strong growth.  Another element of the new count shows Florida moving ahead of New York as the third most populous state.  New York which was the largest for decades continues to shrink as it clings to blue state policies.


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