Reaper drones to join A-10 in fighting ISIL

Daily Mail:

A-10 Warthogs and Reaper drones called up to blast ISIS from the skies: U.S. Air Force's most feared ground attack planes will strike militant targets within days

  • A dozen A-10s are being moved from Afghanistan to Kuwait by next week to start patrols over Iraq and Syria
  • Fearsome planes can approach targets low and slow and are protected against small arms fire and RPGs - ISIS's favored weapons
  • More drones armed with missiles will patrol the skies within weeks as war on the Islamic State is stepped up
  • Deployment comes after 200 commanders held talks on defeating ISIS, which is half-army, half-insurgency
It is a start, but they really should be sending more A-10's if they are serious about stopping ISIL and stopping the mass murders.  The Reaper is the drone with the most weapons for attacking terrorist operations on the ground.  They can linger over a station and target enemy movement to contact as they approach cities and villages in Iraq.  The A-10's Gatling gun type canon in its nose can destroy an enemy's mechanized formations.


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