How GOP took away a Democrat talking point

NY Times:

G.O.P. Gains by Tapping Democrats’ Base for Candidates

In taking control of nearly 70 state legislative chambers in the midterm elections, Republicans focused on recruiting women and minorities as candidates.
The fact is that the "war on women" meme never made much sense .  There have always been activist Republican women who disagree with Democrats on most issues.   When I attended a national AFP convention this year, it appeared to me that the majority of those attending were women of all ages.  Many of the leaders of the organization are women.  They all dislike Obamacare and want to see the law repealed.  They also oppose Democrats on other issues.  They are actively contacting voters and trying to get them to the polls.  Minority candidates are also finding that they have more opportunities as Republicans.  They don't have to appeal to just other minorities.


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