Experts and the perp--Why focus only on police?

NY Times:

Experts Dissect Officer’s Decisions in Ferguson Shooting

Many experts said that Darren Wilson acted within the bounds of protocol, though some said the quick escalation of the fatal encounter could have been avoided.
I guess it is easier to dissect the decisions of Michael Brown who made several bad choices on the day he died.  Start with his strong arm robbery caught on tape.  Then there is failure to follow the lawful orders of a policeman to stop.  Then there is the attacking of the officer in his vehicle and trying to get his gun.  There is the refusal to stop when ordered to.  And finally there is charging toward an officer with his gun drawn.   There are several points in this short period of time when Michael Brown could have saved his own life.  It appears it was the culminating point of a short life of bad choices.

I would also like to see more attention focused on the false narrative of Brown's alleged accomplice and others who claimed they saw the shooting but got it all wrong.  Their false narrative appears to be directly responsible for the theft and destruction of people's property that had nothing to do with the shooting.  If people think that is OK, they lack a moral core.


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