Congress to push for new sanctions against Iran

Washington Free Beacon:
Just hours after Secretary of State John Kerry announced that talks between Iran and the West ended in failure, congressional leaders are planning to take their own action against Tehran in a legislative bid to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons, according to multiple lawmakers and senior congressional insiders familiar with the strategy.

Negotiations between the United States and Iran will resume as early as December and continue through July 2015 as the sides seek to overcome an impasse over Tehran’s demands that it be permitted to retain the most controversial aspects of its nuclear work, Kerry told reporters during a press conference Monday evening, originally the deadline for talks.

News of the major extension in talks prompted outrage on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers vowed to level new sanctions on Tehran and stop giving the Obama administration a free pass on prolonging talks.

New sanctions on Iran will be a top priority for the new Republican-led Congress, which will no longer cooperate with Obama’s continued efforts to strike a deal, according to one senior congressional aide who works on the issue.

“Over the past year, Senate Democrats have capitulated to the administration’s demand that we give nuclear talks time to run their course, but enough is enough,” the source said. “These futile negotiations have only put Iran closer to a nuclear bomb and should not be extended another minute. At this point I fully expect Congress to consider sanctions legislation overwhelmingly supported by Republicans and Democrats alike.”
There is a lack of trust in Iran and a lack of trust that this administration will be tough enough in dealing with Iran.  This looks like a no confidence vote in the administration's Iran strategy.


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