An indictment of the race hustlers

Adam Brodsky:
The grand jury in Ferguson issued a searing indictment last night.

No, not against Police Officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of an unarmed African-American teen,Michael Brown. In that racially inflamed case, the nine white jurors and three blacks found no grounds to indict.

But their decision nonetheless was itself an indictment — against all the racial hucksters and victimhood-mongers that are doing untold harm to the nation in general, and to blacks in particular.

From the very beginning of this case last summer, there seemed to be sufficient doubt that would make it difficult, if not impossible, to convict Wilson. There were conflicting reports, for starters, about what happened in the confrontation between the police officer and Brown. There was the video from the store, where it surely appeared Brown had committed a crime, shoving the store’s manager.

That not only raised questions about Brown’s mood (if not his character), but also what might have been on his mind when confronted by Wilson shortly thereafter: He might be arrested for his actions in that shop.

Since then, other information leaked out casting more doubt on Wilson’s “culpability.”

And yet, the Rev. Sharptons of the world flooded in, insisting, in effect, that Wilson was indeed guilty, and never mind the facts. (Even President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder encouraged resentment of the “injustice” perpetrated by a white police officer.)

These flame-throwers told folks to take the accusations against Wilson as fact and to protest until the day he was thrown in jail. Protest, you see, was essential — merely because a white cop had shot and killed a black teen. No other facts were needed.
The race hustlers were trying to stir up a lynch mob and led to harming people and property that was wholly unrelated to the shooting.   They are also doing great harm to the black community by pushing a lie about the evidence and the facts.  They are playing to emotions instead of the intellect.  They are the racist in this event.


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