A long column of Toyota pickup trucks flying black flags is usually a give away

NY Times:

U.S. Adds Air Power, but ISIS Presents an Elusive Target

The United States is shifting aircraft from Afghanistan to the Middle East, but the Islamic State, a hybrid between a conventional army and a terrorist network, has been difficult to target.
The current jets probably fly too high and too fast to spot the kind of movement that would give away enemy movements.  When the A-10's are back in Iraq it should help a lot and  their canons maybe a better weapon than bombs in destroying enemy mechanized movements.   More drones would also probably help although they tend to have a soda straw view of the battle space.

Before the bombing campaign started ISIL forces used to openly move with long columns of Toyota pickup trucks flying their black flag.  They would have been easy targets but the announcement of the bombing campaign before the planes were in a position to take advantage of it let the enemy change his MO.


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