Toyota moves large part of sales office to Dallas area

Dallas Morning News:
Worldwide automotive giant Toyota plans to move a big chunk of its U.S. headquarters from California to West Plano.

Toyota is negotiating to purchase an office site in Legacy business park where it would locate more than 4,000 workers.

The automotive manufacturer has been in talks for months with real estate owners and developers in Plano, real estate brokers familiar with the project say.

Toyota plans to seek incentives from the City of Plano and the State of Texas for the move, which is scheduled to be announced on Monday.

Bloomberg News reported Sunday that the move will involve “substantial parts” of Toyota’s U.S. headquarters located in Torrance, near Los Angeles. The operations there have thousands of workers who handle sales, finance, marketing, engineering and product planning for the automaker.

Toyota is moving the jobs out of California to seek lower operating costs, Bloomberg quoted sources.
Toyota will get lower cost and its employees will have a higher standard of living in Texas.  It is another example of how California's high tax and high regulation style of government chases business away from the state.  Liberalism's high price strikes again.

Here is the LA Times perspective:

Toyota, the latest major employer to flee the state for Texas, employs about 5,300 at its Torrance facility.
They are not making fun of Gov. Perry on this one.


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