It is time to give up on liberalism and try something that works

NY Times:

Sharp Drop in U.S. Economic Growth Seen in 1st Quarter

The economy grew at an annualized rate of 0.1 percent, well short of expectations, as wintry weather depressed corporate spending and housing sector activity.
There are several things holding back the economy beyond global warming masquerading as a tough winter.  Obama's energy policy continues the mistake Democrats have made for decades of creating artificial scarcity where ever they have control of drilling permits which includes most federal sites.  If Permits were granted in the same way they are done in Texas we would have a robust energy economy like Texas has.

The other huge drag on the economy is Obamacare.  It should be scrapped and replaced with free market solutions.  Actually what we had before was better for most people than screwing up the healthcare system to give subsidies to a couple of million people.

We also need corporate tax cuts to encourage the repatriation of capital.  

These three items alone would get the economy moving and create thousands of jobs, but liberalism is standing in the way.


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