Human trafficking to the US begins in Guatemala for many

Mexico and Guatemala say they have rescued at least 104 people from captivity and arrested 14 of their alleged human traffickers.

Police in Guatemala said they raided two houses near the Mexican border and found at least 60 people who wanted to travel to the United States illegally.

They arrested eight alleged smugglers.

In Mexico, the authorities said they found 44 Guatemalan migrants in a house near the Guatemalan border and arrested six alleged human traffickers.

Migrants from Central America often pay smugglers to enter the US illegally, but are frequently abused by their traffickers.

They can hold migrants in captivity to extort more money from the victims' relatives.
It is a process that does not end at the border.  Many of these people are kept in Stash houses inside the US as more demands are made for money.  It has become a lucrative sideline for the Mexican drug cartels.  Obama's immigration policies have in effect encouraged this type of conduct by making it possible for people to stay in the US once they have cleared the trafficking gantlet.


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