People are more concerned with energy cost than environment issues

Fuel Fix:
When it comes to energy, more Americans are concerned about protecting their pocketbooks than the environment.

At least, that’s one of the findings of the latest iteration of the University of Texas energy poll, a survey conducted March 3-17 among 2,133 U.S. adults, with results released Wednesday morning.

When respondents were asked to rate how concerned they were about a variety of energy issues, 84 percent said they were worried about gasoline costs and 78 percent said they were concerned about electricity costs.

By contrast, only 56 percent said they were concerned about the impact of domestic oil drilling and production on the natural environment. And an even smaller group — just 46 percent — said they were concerned about the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing, an oil and gas well completion technology.

Those findings suggest economic concerns outweigh environmental ones when it comes to domestic energy development — a finding that could color the way politicians and regulators tackle the issue ahead of the November midterm elections.

The UT study indicated that Americans are convinced there are economic benefits to natural gas production in the United States, with 72 percent perceiving job creation as one advantage. Some 66 percent said lowering costs was an economic benefit of natural gas production. A majority also believed increased energy security, efficiency and manufacturing and lower carbon emissions were benefits of domestic gas production.
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I think this should be a strong issue for Republicans this fall and would like to see more of them speaking out on the issue.  I would also attack the Democrats' policy of artificial scarcity that is helping despots like Putin.  It looks like Tom Steyer is going to be wasting a lot of money supporting Democrats who push his global warming agenda.


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