Obama having trouble buying the election

Donald Lambro:

Sen. Barack Obama's summer saturation ad campaign in key battleground states has not increased the Illinois Democrat's poll numbers, according to senior strategists for Sen. John McCain's campaign and recent independent polling.

Instead, the race has further tightened in some of the pivotal states that are among the Obama campaign's biggest ad buys - states that both candidates need to reach the winning number of 270 electoral votes.

The Obama campaign, flush with cash, is spending record amounts of money on big media buys in states like Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Colorado and Michigan, but the latest polls show that, if anything, the polling in these states has either changed little or the Arizona Republican has narrowed the gap in them.

McCain strategists told The Washington Times that they have been closely monitoring the large amounts of cash that Mr. Obama is spending on TV ads in these and a dozen other competitive states to see whether they were moving the Illinois senator's numbers in the race.

"So far we're not seeing any evidence that they have had any measurable impact," said a top McCain campaign official on the condition of anonymity.

McCain campaign officials say their own polls show that for all his spending, "Obama's numbers haven't budged a bit."

Instead, a Quinnipiac University poll of likely voters in four of these states, taken July 14 to 22, showed Mr. McCain has picked up support "in almost every group in every state, especially among independent voters and men," the polling group reported last week.


This follows a pattern shown in the last half of the primary season where he was outspending Hillary Clinton three to one and still losing in the big states and many other states that did not have a large black population. His ads just are not moving the voters.

This does not even count the free media advantage he has which is favoring him at least two to one. It tells you how weak a candidate he is and where he would be if he did not have this advantage.


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