McCain ad on Obama's failure to visit troops goes viral

NY Times:

The number of times Senator John McCain’s new advertisement attacking Senator Barack Obama for canceling a visit with wounded troops in Germany last week has been shown fully or partly on local, national and cable newscasts: well into the hundreds.

The number of times that spot actually, truly ran as a paid commercial: roughly a dozen.

Result for Mr. McCain: a public relations coup that allowed him to show his toughest campaign advertisement of the year — one widely panned as misleading — to millions of people, largely free, through television news media hungry for political news with arresting visual imagery.


The campaign’s success in getting such wide coverage of the ad, evident through new tracking technology, comes as it seeks to maintain parity with Mr. Obama’s better-financed campaign in their intensive television advertising war.


One of the ways you can tell it was a successful ad is that the NY Times ran its lead editorial condemning the ad and making allusions to Karl Rove. That is a compliment to its effectiveness. The times has focused on some of Obama's excuses to suggest that the ad is misleading, but it is the meta narrative of the ad that is true and why it has been so powerful


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