Saudi sex verdict leads to cruel and unusual punishment

Daily Mail:

A Saudi man is facing 600 lashes and his 'lover' 350 after a phone-sex affair that led to the woman's divorce.

Today a Saudi appeals court upheld a jail and flogging verdict against the biochemist and his female student whose research contact was ruled to be a front for the affair.

The biochemist, Khalid Zahrani, said today that he found out this week from the court offices that three judges had approved the verdict.

He was sentenced last year to eight months in prison and 600 lashes and his student to four months in prison and 350 lashes for establishing a telephone relationship that the court said led her to divorce her husband.

The man said the only recourse left to him was the Supreme Judicial Council, a court of cassation that only views cases if requested by the king. He also hopes for intervention from the government's Human Rights Commission.


As I recall the case the two parties to the call say the conversations were work related and the charges resulted from the fact the woman asked for a divorce. It must be something about the Saudi's high respect for women that made them decide she need to be brutalized for wanting out of her marriage. Imagine all the beatings in this country if we too had shari'a law.


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