Wizner is no wiz

The NY Times coverage of the Hamden trial ends with this observation:


Ben Wizner, an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer who is an observer here, said the experiences of Mr. Tabarak and Mr. Hamdan seemed to underscore the contradictions of the legal system here.

Mr. Wizner said there was a more fundamental contradiction underlying the trial. The Bush administration insists that even if a detainee is acquitted, officials could hold him indefinitely.

“Where else in the world,” Mr. Wizner said after court one day, “is someone being prosecuted for a crime who is already serving a life sentence and will continue to serve one if he’s acquitted?”

This is typical of the ACLU's double standard as well as their ignorance of the rules of warfare. Hamden is an enemy combatant who may be detained until the end of the conflict. If al Qaeda surrenders tomorrow and he is acquitted at the trial he would go free. It is al Qaeda that is causing him to have a life sentence by continuing to make war against the US.

The trial is for war crimes which is a status in addition to being an enemy combatant detainee. Wizner probably knows that but he is playing to the ignorance of liberals who want to say the administration is being unfair to these poor terrorist.

The fact is that when al Qaeda captures and detains someone they usually chop their head off. Why hasn't the ACLU ever filed suit against them for violating the rules of war in the handling of detainees? It appears that the ACLU is reserving its lawfare approach just for our side of this war.


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