Name that party--Dallas

Houston Chronicle:

A draft report of a new federal audit questions the Dallas Housing Authority's spending $20 million on suspicious rental assistance payments, including subsidies for 45 people who are dead.

On the heels of the soon-to-be-released audit, the head of the housing authority, Ann Lott, resigned Tuesday without warning after the agency's board met to talk about the report along with possible disciplinary action. Lott, the agency's president and chief executive officer, had no comment about the resignation which is effective immediately, The Dallas Morning News reported today in its online edition.


Among the audits findings: "The DHA spent $167,000 on 45 clients whose Social Security numbers identified them as dead. Between January 2006 and December 2007, the agency paid assistance for 235 clients whose Social Security numbers indicated they were dead as of April 2007. The authority confirmed that it provided assistance on behalf of dead clients and will seek to recover the funds. The agency may transfer the payments to eligible surviving family members," the newspaper reported.


Good luck on recovering funds from dead peop0le who probably had no estate. The story never names a political party. That leads to the logical conclusion that the program is was probably run by Democrats.


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