Many Democrats plan vote for McCain

Rasmussen Reports:

Thirty percent (30%) of conservative Democrats say they’re voting for John McCain. Rasmussen Reports data also shows the Republican hopeful picking up support from 19% of White Democrats and 15% of Democrats over the age of 50. These results are from national telephone survey interviews conducted with 14,000 Likely Voters during the two weeks ending July 24. The sample includes 5,074 Democratic voters.

The data shows that 43% of Democrats consider themselves politically liberal, 37% say they’re moderate, and 18% are conservative.

Forty-one percent (41%) of conservative Democrats have a favorable opinion of John McCain. Sixty-seven percent (67%) say the same about Obama.

Among liberal Democrats, just 23% have a positive opinion about McCain, but 90% give Obama favorable reviews.


The poll seems to indicate that Democrat liberals believe Obama is one of them and conservative do not. The support for McCain indicates that Obama is still having trouble with the so called Reagan Democrats.


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